TNT (Tighten and Tone): 45 minute class designed to strengthen and tone every major muscle  group, using a variety of equipment and exercises. This class will inspire you to get the muscle tone and definition you have always wanted.

Zumba™: Zumba is a dance-based fitness class that uses a fusion of Latin and International rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. It includes both cardio training components designed to tone and sculpt the entire body. Zumba is designed for adults of all ages and fitness levels, class participants at any level can start Zumba right away.

R.I.P.P.E.D.  The One Stop Body Shock™: is a “Plateau Proof Fitness Formula” that helps you to create continuity, consistency and challenge in each and every R.I.P.P.E.D. class. It is Plateau Proof, because each component of the workout provides a uniquely different emphasis or system response, so your body never gets accustomed to the constantly changing format. Thus, regular R.I.P.P.E.D. participants achieve undeniable, ultimate results in minimal time, boasting 750-1000 calories burned in just 50 minutes. This total body, high intensity style program, utilizing free weights, resistance and body weight. Using Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics to help you ATTAIN and maintain your physique in ways that are fun, safe, doable and extremely effective. The deliberate combination of the R.I.P.P.E.D. elements and how they are precisely organized means NO boredom here, for all levels, R.I.P.P.E.D. is effective, it’s tough yet doable; R.I.P.P.E.D. will absolutely challenge your levels of fitness and endurance!

Max Burn: 30 minute nonstop power house workout utilizing the Tabata protocol. This class is guaranteed to burn calories get your heart pumping and boost your metabolism. Class uses variety of body weight floor drills and exercises.

Hip Hop Fitness: This fun high energy dance workout will make you sweat, burn calories, shed fat, all while learning some great hip hop moves to music you hear on the radio.

T.B.P.: athletic blend of Pilates, Yoga, and so much more. It includes modifications for the group exercise environment, yet offers exercise progressions to challenge to all levels of participants. Get the best of Yoga and Pilates in one Yogalates class. Obtain the benefits of the two disciplines with this perfect workout that could help you get the body you always wanted. Achieve strength, relaxation, and muscle definition using the Yogalates meditation technique.

Insanity  (R): Not your traditional interval class! the class will push you past your limits with athletic/plyometric drills ,mixed with intervals of strength, power, resistance,and core training.You don’t have to be in extremem shape -levels of exercises are provided. Time to dig deep.

PiYo (R): combines the muscle sculpting core building components of pilates, along with strength and sculpting of yoga we kick up the pace for a a fat burning work out, that will sculpt and tone your body.

TurboKick (R): Jammin’ Music, ab sculpting moves, and high intensity cardio kick boxing.

CIZE (R): The End of Exercize™ Shaun T’s brand new fitness program is not about doing push-ups or jumping, it’s about moving to the beat, and everyone can do it. You’re about to look forward to working out! Shaun T goes back to his dancing roots and makes losing weight an “experience,” with hot new moves and great music! And if you think you can’t dance, don’t worry. We break down the routines, step-by-step, move-by-move, and builds them into a full dance workout. And at the end, you’ll get to CIZE™ IT UP . You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves that for 40-50 minutes you’ll forget you’re actually burning fat and calories, and getting in the best shape of your life.


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