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You arrived at the studio (or gym) pumped to tackle a good workout. You begin your warm up and are feeling confident.

Just minutes into your workout your body stops cooperating. Suddenly, the lighter set of weights that you are using feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. Every jump, kick and punch feels like you are fighting with a lead body suit. Your workout just turned to crap.


Bad Workout - S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio, PlainsSometimes it doesn’t matter how much you were looking forward to your workout or how prepared you thought you were. Sometimes you will have days when your body just isn’t feeling it.

Does that mean you are going backwards or have stopped progressing? Should you not even have come to the studio? And why did this happen?

All these questions are probably racing through your head during a crappy workout. I know they creep into my mind when I have an off day, like I did last Monday. I felt pretty good as we started the warm up for R.I.P.P.E.D., but as we began the first section and throughout the entire rest of the workout, I was EXHAUSTED. Seriously, I felt like I could take a nap, while everyone jumped, kicked and pumped weights around me. Since I was already there, I pushed through and completed the class.

So why do we have days when our bodies just aren’t having it? Honestly, we’ll never know for sure. There are many reasons our bodies don’t want to cooperate…. something you ate, lack of sleep, stress, overexertion, PMS, or maybe you are getting sick.

I read an article recently, on GirlsGoneStrong.com about this topic. One particular quote stuck in my head:  progress is not linear. Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you are regressing. It doesn’t mean that your strength is leaving you. It’s a crappy workout, that’s all. It’s just a part of life.

As stated very nicely in the article, “Your body is going to respond to changes, sometimes favorably, and other times not so favorably. Some days you will crush your workouts and some days you will feel like your workout crushes you.”

The day after my crappy workout, I had a pretty good one with P90X. I don’t know why my body gave me a hard time Monday and not on Tuesday. I won’t dwell on it. It happens.

The most important thing to remember when you a crappy workout is always try your best. Whether you go in and kill your workout or you get by with lower weights and modifying all the push-ups, make sure you do your best.

The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.