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Alex has heard many well wishes from his S.W.E.A.T. family over the last few weeks. His last class on Monday night was an emotional one, for him, Jess, his fellow instructors and all his clients. We are all going to miss Alex’s infectious energy and his creativity. The studio will not be quite the same without him, but we all know this is HUGE opportunity for Alex and so we send him off with great memories and happy thoughts.

While Alex appreciates the well wishes and the tears we shed for him, by nature he is an upbeat person. In true Alex fashion, I have collected some of Alex’s funnier moments and some quotes from instructors and clients so we can send Alex off to take on his new job, with a smile on his face. ūüôā

Alex’s Finer Moments at S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio

(Scroll over the photos for the captions.)

While, we have caught many of Alex’s famous facial expressions and funny moments in photos, anyone who really knows Alex is aware that to really capture¬†Alex’s true nature, video must be taken.

We all know Alex is always up for a good time so it was no surprise that he was the hit of the S.W.E.A.T. Christmas party. (All of this video is not off Alex, but he really was quite entertaining that night ūüėČ Jump to 1:05 for the mens’ rendition of YMCA and to 2:44 for some sweet Alex moves. )


A tribute to Alex would not be complete without hearing from some of his clients and fellow instructors.

Allison Pugh:¬†Alex was onstage during my first Insanity class. Part way through, I was pretty much done. Alex looked at me and gave me his signature smile and keep going look. That’s what I will miss the most, his infectious positive attitude!!! I think it’s impossible not to be happy (and motivated) when he’s around.

Gina Boyle:¬†Every time Alex saw me at the studio he yelled, “GINA!!!” and then gave me a hug. He was the motivator when he was in my class. I will miss his loud, heavy feet and energy. He always said to me, YOU ROCK!

Diane Zabriski: What I will miss most about Alex is how genuine he is. When he asks, How are you?, he really wants to know. He has a warm nature that is innate to his person. Yes he is fun, energetic, crazy, but people are drawn to him because he is real.

Danielle Gliniecki: What I will miss most is his energy and positive attitude. He lights up a room with his smile! Oh and his SWEAT! He works his butt off on stage and always gives 100%, even on bad days he looks like he is loving life! It is impossible to not have fun when you are in his presence, and his hugs are heartwarming. Some people are just irreplaceable!

Jess Hodle:¬†Alex is such a genuine person! My favorite part of his class is anytime there is an outburst of booty shaking! He is the epitome of what it looks like to let go during ZUMBA! He’s always having fun up there and making anyone who walks in feel welcome because of his easygoing personality. I knew immediately he was an amazing person I’d never forget!¬†If there is anyone who deserves to find the best for himself in this world it’s Alex1! I wish him the best luck on his journey.

Helene Zawadzki: I will miss Alex’s motivation and his all around great personality. I loved his Zumba classes and had so much fun! He always looked at you with a smile. I wish him all the best in his new career path and hope he keeps in touch with the S.W.E.A.T crew through Facebook with pictures and new things he is going to experience. Good luck Alex!

Shannon King:¬†Alex has such a pure spirit. My favorite memory was the first time he called me “Boo Boo.”

Bree Zablotney: My favorite moment with A1 was during the Tough Mudder, it was my first time really hanging out with a few of the instructors outside of the studio and he made me feel so welcomed, comfortable to be myself and he made being frozen and muddy so much fun! I will miss his energy and spunk. He has the biggest heart, and he will be missed!

Bethann Hoffman: I will miss my Tigger, Alex 1. Zumba will not be the same without him. I enjoy his energy he brings to his class. I will treasure all my special moments we had together. Will miss seeing his face.

Maria Hall:¬†I will miss his energy. It was the best energy to feed off of. Alex knew all his people in his class too and without saying any words he knew when you were happy and he knew when something just wasn’t right. He would feed off the crowds reactions and make you do it when you didn’t want too! I will miss being a part of his front row crew!

Cindy Timinski:¬†I love all of his classes and will most of all miss his energy! He is one of a kind. I love when he yells…BOOM! And my favorite part is his cool down. I get totally lost in it and am thankful everytime I do his class!

Kim McDonnell: I am going to miss Alex a great deal. He has become such a close friend to me. My Ryleigh and I will miss his beautiful personality. He is so spontaneous and generous. His enthusiasm for life is contagious. We will miss his original Zumba flare and his great smile; not to mention all the countless adventures we share outside of classes.

Jessica Sands (from her speech on Alex’s last night): I am so proud of Alex and all he has accomplished. Little did I know the day he walked into my studio 3 years ago to take Zumba class that he would become a beloved, loyal, and helpful member of my staff but most importantly one of my best friends and a part of my family‚Ķ my second husband, Corey’s “brotha from anotha motha”‚Ķ.This is not a good-bye, but a see you later.

It goes without saying that we will all miss Alex very much. I personally learned what a wonderful, humble person Alex is when I asked to spotlight him for the blog last year. Alex was never an unwilling to participate, but he did truly feel he wasn’t the person I should be interviewing. Well Alex, it is clear that everyone at S.W.E.A.T loves and supports you and everyone thinks very high of you. I personally wish you the best of luck in Atlanta and at your new job. I hope this job is everything you dreamed of when you decided on your career path. Please, please come back and crash classes as often as you can!

In closing, here is a video of just some of Alex’s awesome moves.