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We all know when Alex Seasock is in the building. His signature yell, his signature phrase “What’s goin on ladies!!!” and his energy are dead giveaways. Whether he is at S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio to teach a class, take a class or just work out, he brings his enthusiastic personality and his contagious energy.

S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio in Plains offers many zumba classes

Alex & Jess having fun at Open House

There are few people who would believe that Alex wasn’t always a passionate, energetic Zumba instructor. There was actually a time when Alex didn’t have an outlet for his energy and creativity… and then one fateful day, he took a Zumba class at Penn State Wilkes-Barre. He joined some other students at the class and loved it. “It was Zumba-love at first sweat,” according to Alex.

Though technically Alex had attempted exercise plans and the occasional Zumba class previously, he never really pursued a fitness plan. He was more than pleasantly surprised after that Zumba class at Penn State. He felt the endorphins kick in during class, making him happier during and after his workout. Even though, he felt his dancing skills were a little lacking, he was instantly addicted.

To get his ‘fix’, Alex sought out Zumba classes at several gyms and worked out at least five times a week. Each time a class ended, he could not wait until the next one. Eventually, it dawned on him that he might enjoying being an instructor.

After a little hesitation, Alex signed up and went to Zumba Instructor Training. Weeks later he began teaching at an area gym. One of his clients mentioned to him that S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio was looking for a new Zumba instructor to teach a few classes.

Being the tech-savy person that he is, he found S.W.E.A.T. on Facebook and messaged Jess 2. The next day, he stopped by one of her classes and was invited to teach two songs. Clearly, Alex’s energy was a hit and Jess 1 had to have him on her team.

Since that day about a year and a half ago, Alex has been a member of the S.W.E.A.T. family, bringing his energy and creativity to classes.

Like many group fitness instructors, he sometimes sometimes finds it difficult to come up with new routines and not get tired of using the same ones each class. During his long commute to his “real” job, he listens to music and crafts routines in his head. If you were to drive next to him during his commute, you would get quite the show featuring Alex’s singing and dancing.

When coming up with new routines, he tries to find a happy medium between fun and hardcore fitness. He knows not everyone is familiar with Zumba moves or is ready to start a strict fitness regiment. He often gets his inspiration from some of his S.W.E.A.T. mentors: Jess 1 and Gina.

Alex wants everyone who comes to his classes to have fun, be rowdy and SWEAT. That’s why he brings the energy that he does.

For Alex, that energy helps create his two favorite reasons for instructing: 1) changing people’s lives by helping them stay active and boosting their mood and 2) getting his class to scream back at him when he gets extra rowdy on the stage. That interaction with the clients is the reason why Alex keeps bringing his contagious energy to the studio we all love.

“95% of the time I look forward to teaching Zumba (Jess likes to call me Tigger because I jump and bounce too much…I guess I don’t really have a slow down button…). Zumba is my get-away from reality and the clients that come to the studio have become a second family. I love seeing all of the dedicated and smiling faces even if they are having a rough day. If they can get through it then I know I can. In all honesty, the clients really are my motivation to keep going on.“

Alex Seasock is a Zumba teacher at S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio in Plains

Alex teaching Zumba Sentao at March Fitness Mania.

As much as Alex’s energy is filled with good intentions and the clients appreciate it, many people may wonder where does all the energy come from? Believe it or not, Alex doesn’t even know.

“I want people to get excited and pumped for what they are doing. I get ridiculous when I teach to say the least and don’t have the slightest clue why that happens. I often sit down right after I teach and say to myself ‘What the heck just happened for the past hour?!?’”

Alex’s class is a big hit for obvious reasons. Perhaps in the future we’ll see him instructing other classes? According to Alex, this is definitely something on his agenda for the near future.

“I am dying to teach another fitness platform (in addition to Zumba). I want to teach something totally different, challenging, and fun. Jess and I have been talking about various options that we both want to get certified in. Time and money are huge but I am sure something new will be popping up.”

Alex’s fitness instructing aspirations are definitely high on his priority list, but they aren’t the only things on the list. He one day wishes to have a career where he can set his own hours and still make time for his other passions, like Zumba and working out. Long term, he knows he wants to have a stable career that will help him reach his goals like buying a house and eventually adopting a child. His current jobs teaching Zumba and working for Allied Services Hospital System are definitely steps in the right direction.

Hope you enjoyed this story! Feed off of Alex’s motivation and energy, not only when you take his classes, but anytime you work out! And with that, I leave you with some classic Alex Zumba.  -Aimee