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Many of our S.W.E.A.T. family will be vacationing over the next few weeks. I’ve heard lots of chatter about what workouts they have memorized from classes and how they plan to stay on top of their fitness routines. For those of you heading to the beach, give some of these a try. Remember anytime spent exercising is not a waste, even if it is only a few minutes a day.

Tips for Exercising on Vacation - S.W.E.A.T. Fitness StudioAs always, make sure you warm up before you begin your workout. Take a brisk walk or a light jog down the beach and don’t forget to stretch. You won’t need to spend an extensive amount of time loosening up, considering the natural outdoor heat and humidity.

Try segmenting your beach workout
The most basic body-weight exercises, such as pushups and planks, are integral to your beach workout regimen. For optimal results, try performing as many pushups as possible in 30-seconds before resting for approximately one minute. Next, get back down into the standard pushup position and lay your forearms onto the sand. Hold the plank for 30 to 45 seconds before resting. The next sequence of exercise includes the squat and jump, which requires you to assume the squat position, perform the proper motion, and then leap into the air. Do 10 repetitions per set. These exercises will target your core, chest, arms, quads and calves.

Don’t forget to add the cardio
The most effective beach workouts include intense bouts of cardio activity. Basic examples of beach cardio include high-knees and jogging in place. To achieve maximum heart rate, perform wind sprints on the wet sand near the shore. Time your sprints for five to 10 seconds. Perform three to five sprints in a set. In addition, try executing moderate to advanced stationary cardio exercise, like the “mountain climber.” Assume the standard pushup position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent. Push your left knee up toward your chest and then alternate with your right knee. Continue this exercise for one minute before resting. Execution of these exercises will help you burn belly fat and achieve a greater level of physical fitness.

Have fun with it!
Take a page out of your kid’s book and have some fun with exercise: go swimming, learn to boogie board, go snorkeling, ride a bike on the boardwalk or the beach, go for a jog with the dog… There are so many ways to get a little exercise in without even realizing it. Enjoy the time with your family and get involved in their activities.

Quick Tips
Use the warm climate and the beach terrain to your advantage. Because the temperature will most likely be higher, you are going to sweat more and your body will burn more calories to keep you cool. Do some of your regular cardio exercising in the sand for extra resistance. Anyone who has every walked or run down the sandy beach can tell you it is more difficult than running on the sidewalk.

Exercise to make yourself feel good, but don’t stress about it. You’re on vacation, remember!

Enjoy your vacations this summer and keep moving! S.W.EA.T. and your regular fitness routine will be here when you get back 😉


Some ideas and information for this post came from FitDay.