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Our amazing, inspiring leader has decided to start a Youtube channel for S.W.E.A.T. Her first video is all about her journey and why she opened our beloved fitness studio.

If you have read the story I wrote about her, you already know her story and how inspiring she is. If not, please check out this video. She is just like each and every person who walks into the studio. She can relate to the mother of two who hardly has time to walk the dog, let alone take an hour a day for herself. She can relate to the avid runner who wants to challenge herself. She can relate to the person who is frustrated with no change in his/her muscle-tone or weight.

Check out this video and remember fitness is a lifestyle not a quick fix. 


(P.S. I have three different posts I am working on; a client spotlight, an information post and an motivation/information post. Look for them soon!)