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Jess and the other instructors are great at finding new and challenging exercises to throw at us in Max Burn, TNT and other classes. Just the other day, Jess made up a TNT routine using paper plates. (Paper plates you say? That must have been easy. No, it was quite difficult and worked every muscle. Mission accomplished on her part.) I actually had this post started the day before the paper plates workout. Seeing that many people enjoyed the challenge of that class, I decided to finish it.

(I’m sorry in advanced if any of the instructors find a way to insert these into a class.)

Pistol Squat

If you are avid S.W.E.A.T. attendee, you know we do hundreds of squats throughout the week’s classes. We do regular squats, sumo squats, weighted squats… but have you ever tried the Pistol Squat?

Pistol Squat
This is a tough one-legged squat that shreds everything from the core down. It seems simple–squat on one leg, extending the other leg straight out in front of you–but it’s incredibly tough. Try to keep that leg and your back straight!

Every week we challenge our chest and shoulders in TNT, Max Burn and RIPPED. We all know one of Jess’s favorite exercises is push ups! These exercises will make you ache, even more than those pushups and help you tone.

Hold two very light dumbbells like you’re going to do a shoulder press, and press them up and out to form a Y-shape with your arms. Go slow, as it places a strain on the shoulder joints if you move too quickly or have poor form.

Ring Flies
To work your chest muscles like no other exercise can, ring flies are the move for you. You’ll need rings, but many gyms have them handy. Assume plank position holding the rings at arm’s length, and dip into a push-up by moving your hands out to the side. It’s an incredibly tough exercise, but it will rip up your chest very effectively.

Plank Walk
Tired of doing the plank? Has the exercise gotten too easy? Try the Plank Walk, and be amazed by how badly it hurts by the time you’re done. Simply assume the plank position, and walk forward by moving one limb at a time. Focus on keeping your form perfect, and move slowly until you get the form right. Try to go for time instead of distance. Make it harder by moving backwards, doing a push-up between each movement, or bring your knees to your elbow with each step.

If you want to challenge your legs too, try Sled Pushes.

Sled Pushes
You see this workout done by football players and in some bootcamps, but it’s excellent for shredding your leg muscles. You’ll need a weighted sled, which may not be available in your gym. You can add as much weight as necessary and then push the sled. Avoid using your arms and shoulders to push it, but feel the power coming from your legs.

Don’t forget to challenge your abs, bathing suit season is on its way!

Horizontal Bench Holds
Sit on the edge of a weight bench and cross your legs beneath the bench. Sit back until your torso is parallel to the weight bench–but hanging off the edge. Hold for up to 60 seconds for some seriously shredded abs!

Obviously, some of these require more equipment than many of us have at home. Call a friend who has a home gym or purchase a cheap day pass at a local gym and try these out!

Always challenge yourself everyday! Train Like a Beast at S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio

Inspiration for this article came from Fitday.

Hope you enjoyed!