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LIVE with Kelly & Michael is having a national contest to find the top fitness instructor. As many of you already know, we are trying very hard to help Jess win a spot in the finals. Danielle has been asking in her class for everyone to please take a few minutes and nominate Jess. I am asking you too, please follow the link below and write a few things about Jess. As much of an honor as it would be for her, this would also help the studio. We all know Jess lives and breathes S.W.E.A.T. Fitness and her hard work deserves to be recognized. Jessica Sands, owner S.W.E.A.T Fitness in Luzerne

If Jess gets to be one of the 5 finalists, she gets to be on LIVE to demonstrate her routines and be featured in Fitness Magazine. How awesome is that? Of course if she gets to be in the top 5, we have to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for her to win!

If she wins, she gets $10,000 on top of the finalist prizes!

First, she needs to get into that top 5! Here’s how you can help.

The Contest
Visit this link: http://livekellyandmichael.dadt.com/uncategorized/topfitness/

Click “Submit an entry”.

Follow the instructions.You will need to upload a photo of Jess. You can snag one from her Facebook page or from previous blog posts.

Then tell why Jess has made an impact in your life and how her fitness classes/routines help you get into better shape.

Then fill out her info: name, email which is jessica@sweatfitnessstudio.com, the studios address which is 576 Union St, Luzerne 18709, and her cell number (570) 466-9800.

Next section is YOUR birthday. (They want to make sure you are at least 18)

Then describe the fitness class you take with Jess. If you take all of her classes, say that. Talk about why they help and why you keep going back.

The last few sections are your information: name, email etc.

Agree to the contest terms and THAT’S IT!

Last day for entries is April 25. You only have 3 more days to get your entry in!

So I hope I made that super easy for you. Get your entries in! We want everyone in the country to know how awesome Jess is! 🙂