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So I know it’s been a few weeks since I have written a blog post. My real job has been keeping me very busy on the weekends, causing me to catch up on housework, wedding planning and other things during the week. Unfortunately, my writing and a few other things have been pushed down on the to do list.

I’m writing this quick post today to update you guys on some things that are happening at the studio.

First: Three words, CLASS PASS SALE!!! March 20-23
S.W.E.A.T. doesn’t run sales on the class passes very often so take advantage of it while you can. The sale runs next Thursday through Sunday. The weather is getting warmer (FINALLY) and you know bathing suit, tank top and shorts season is around the corner. If you have goals for the summer you need to start now! Stop by the studio and purchase your pass. The pass is $105 for three months ($30 savings) and must be activated by April 1.  SpringintoShape

Second: Restorative Yoga Workshop March 22
Restorative Yoga classes focus on relaxing and restoring the body, after the craziness of everyday life and the exercises that tear our bodies down. Bring two pillows and a blanket and Brenda will do the rest. Tickets are on sale for $15 and the session begins at 1 pm.

Third: The first ever NEPA Sports & Fitness Expo
The Expo will be held at the Wyoming Valley Sports Dome in Wilkes-Barre April 12 & 13. There will be sports vendors and gyms from all over NEPA and our wonderful Jess 1 will be demonstrating R.I.P.P.E.D. and Zumba! She has 20 free tickets to join her demonstration and will be giving them out as the event gets closer. For more info on the expo, visit http://www.sportsfitexpo.com.

And lastly, a little tease of future blog posts. I am currently working on a story about someone who inspires all of us daily and a post that may include some crazy dancing from two of our awesome instructors 🙂 I hope to have one of these up this week.

Until then, get moving, get motivated and get to class! You won’t regret it!