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One of the first things we need to do in our quest to become more fit and healthier is establish goals. Because of the way many people set their fitness goals, those goals often feel unattainable and we lose interest in them. Check out these tips to setting goals you can accomplish.

1. Set goals you have control over
Carving out 6-pack abs, finishing top 10 in the next marathon or losing 10 lbs in 6 months are great goals to have, but they are not goals that you have direct control over. To avoid disappointment, set goals that you control. Goals like work out five days a week, eat a healthy snack everyday, only have one beer with dinner.  Setting goals like these will help you meet them more easily and give you more confidence.

2. Split up goals up between short and long term
Setting short term goals and accomplishing them helps you accomplish long term goals. Setting that goal of working out five days a week and sticking to it, will help you with your long term goal of getting to a healthy weight and becoming more fit. That being said, don’t continually set easy goals. Set a long term challenge for yourself. Laying the ground work for a long term goal by accomplishing a short term one will make you more confident.

3. Set a timeline for your goals
You’ve heard it before, setting a timeline for your goals will help keep you on track. Instead of expecting your fitness goals to just happen sometime in the near future, decide when you want to accomplish them by. Sign up for a marathon and train for it. It doesn’t have to be the New York City marathon. Sign up for a fun marathon like the Color Mania Run or the Dirty Girl Mud Run. This will give you something to look forward to and a tangible goal to reach.

Strength training classes at S.W.E.A.T. Fitness Studio4. Be specific
Your goals should have specifics for you to follow. “I will eat vegetables with every meal” is a goal that can be qualified and achieved. “I will eat healthier” may sound good, but it’s harder to track whether or not you are meeting your goal and that may lead you to slack.

5. Find your purpose
Identify the reason you want to achieve your goals. Maybe you want to be healthier because your family has a long line of heart diease. Maybe you want more energy to keep up with your kids. Whatever your reason, identify it and use it to motivate you.

6. Don’t dwell on shortcomings
Everyone has off days. Everyone has cheat days. It happens. Just remember, when it happens, own it and move on. Promise not to give into temptation so easily next time. Dwelling on your off days or worse making excuses (“ooh that chocolate bar looks good, must be PMS” or “I had a terrible day I’m skipping TNT class), won’t help you move forward. Accept the failure, figure out why you failed and move on.

7. Celebrate victories, small and big
Even if you have bad days or weeks, there is always SOMETHING you did right. Focus on that when you feel like all is lost. Celebrate small victories. They will help you keep sight of your goals.


I found this article on muscleandstrength.com and thought it was a great place to start a fitness plan so I thought I would summarize it and share.

I hope everyone finds these tips helpful. Remember your S.W.E.A.T. instructors and classmates are always there to support you! Set goals for yourself and S.W.E.A.T. will help you accomplish them! Come to classes, ask questions, talk to the instructors. Do whatever it is you need to do to help you accomplish your goals.