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Hello S.W.E.A.T. Friends!

Please find the February schedule attached. Review it carefully as we have had to make some adjustments due to class attendance, and instructor availability. We continually strive to please as many of you as we can with the classes that are being offered, but please understand that some classes fall below minimum attendance numbers consistently, and are cancelled for that reason. Class attendance dictates how full the schedule is!
Housekeeping Reminders:
• Please bring your gym shoes with you to the studio and change inside if possible. If that is not possible we ask that you careful wipe your feet on the carpet before proceeding onto the fitness floor. Wet shoes + dancing around = potential falling hazards, but not only that, all of the salt on your shoes causes the floor to be slippery as well.
• Our designated parking area is the {3} spots directly in front of the studio, and the lot next to McDonalds facing the studio. To keep our neighboring businesses happy please park in these areas!
• Class pass members; please remember to bring your card with you, and show it to the person behind the desk as you sign-in.
• While we do welcome children over the age of {10} who are paid into our classes with a parent, we want to remind you that these classes are generally meant for adults, and may contain explicit lyrics, and suggestive dance moves.
• When bringing your children to class with you we must as that they remain seated for the duration of class for their safety.
• Evening classes have begun to fill up again with the New Year rush. Please remember to arrive early, as we do have a cut-off that we must stick to for your safety, and the safety of the others in class.
• Please keep your belongings on the shelves, or below the chairs when you come in. The chairs in the seating area should be left open for people who may need to sit.
I think that just about covers it! Please let me know if you have questions!
Have a fabulous day!